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Topic/Theme Proposal


Tattoos are starting to be more and more common around the world. Not everyone can get a tattoo and handle it because they’re scared it’ll hurt, their parents or they just don’t want it period. There’s a needle. Ink and it goes to the skin.

My theme is color and design. The color and design brings everything together in a tattoo. You can get whatever you want and it’ll stay on your body for the rest of your life. There are different steps in getting a tat and taking care of it. It’s an open wound and needs to be treated.

I chose this topic because I really love tattoos. When I got my first one I wanted another, its addicting and the feeling of the needles feels good honestly. There are so many different things you can get or even draw yourself. The art the designer can do is amazing.

There are so many emotions to this. The type of design and color you get with your tattoo all shows on your personality and how you feel. There’s those people that are sad and depressed and get all these psycho tattoos. It also revolves around on how you act and your mood towards people.

A lot of people say tattoos are bad and it’s a sin but it’s not. You’re just marking your body with something that you want. Something that can represent and describe what kind of person you are. In the old days people would use it as identification to know who you were.








A&S Photo


The colors are bright and clear. My background is what makes it pop out and thats what your main focus is on. The meaning to my photo is it its calm and peaceful, nothings happening but the suns out and its nice. I like the sceanery and the green from the grass and plants. What I dislike about it is the dark spot in the middle.



I blured the background so you can focus on the main part of the photo. My aperature is small becasue my back ground is mostly out. It’ll be F/800. I like my photo because its one of my good friends. He’s making a funny pose and doing a dorky smile. It’s funny and wants to make you look at it more. My moment when i took this was when I saw him rolling down the hall and called his name to take a photo for me.

What is your favorite childhood memory?! 


Portrait Examples

Detail portrait . It has humans ports. Well for mine it was a baby hand holding on to a mamas finger. It focuses on the babys hand ,but it does not focus on the the moms finger.

It reminds me that the mother cares for this child and has a connection with he or she. It makes me feel at peace and relaxed visualizing the photo knowing the mother cares. The comparisons in the size of the hand and the mothers finger is amazing.

I would want to use the scense setter shot. To see the reactions of the moms and her childs face. I want to see there moods in there face when holding each other or when the baby grasping the mothers finger.

Face portrait The photograph only focuses on the face. It shows the emotion of the persons face and each little detail. You can see the wronkles on there face, hair, there emotion in there eyes.

It reminds me of a magazine shoot. The background is bright and brings out the girl. Theres also a mystery to her face, like she wants to do something but not sure what it is.

I would have used medim format photo. You can know what her pose is and what she is wearing. The clothing can always tell an emotion from a person. It makes me curious as to where she is.

Medium Format portrait  It shows more detail and emotions from the person. The photographer focus on what the person is doing and wwhat  he or she is looking at.

You can t really see the emotion on the persons face.

I would want to use the face portrait so i can get a good look at the persons excat emotions and face structures

Scene setter portrait

Seth Rogan & Danny McBride Pull Down Pants At MTV Movie Awards

I laughed so hard!!! Zac Efron first of all is one of the sexiest men alive. He’s a good acter and plays alot of good parts in all the movies he’s in.

Hollywood Life

The audience at the MTV Movie Awards were expecting a show and they got one! Seth and Danny pulled down their pants when they decided to introduce a ‘Best Bottomless’ award. So funny!

There was one question on everyone’s mind during the MTV Movie Awards on April 14 — why didn’t Zac Efron pull down his pants? The hunky High School Musical star kept his jeans firmly tightened, while his co-presenters Danny McBride and Seth Rogen competed for the “Best Bottomless” Award, and they displayed some truly shocking underwear!

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Taylor Lautner nominated for Best Shirtless Performance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

My thoughts and reactions to this photo was “OMG’!!! I like this picture because of the guys and how they look. I’m hoping to see this film when it comes out. The first part was good so I’m sure it’llbe better.

Pop Issues

Woof! Taylor Lautner will make an appearance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and is to be seated next to Kim Kardashian. The Twilight hottie has been nominated for the Best Shirtless Performance award. He faces stiff competition against Channing Tatum, Craig Daniel and Christian Bale. And Seth McFarlane. Ewww.

Taylor has kept bit of a low profile since the final installment of the Twilight movies and more recently made an appearance in Adam Sandlers new Grown Ups 2 movie. Sadly, he doesn’t take his shirt off in any of the scenes.


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